• First Love

    It will happen like this: one day you will be hunched under the sink scraping (with your bare hands, because you’ve already placed all the cutlery in the dishwasher) handfuls of uneaten pasta into the garbage and you’ll feel an ache in your lower back that reminds you it’s Friday night and that you’ve had a long week at work and are longing for nothing more than the silence that comes after their bedtime. To remove your socks and lie on the couch, eyes closed, a short reverie before the evening’s activities. A piece of spaghetti slips through your fingers and falls just short of the bin and splatters the floor and you close your eyes, not out of frustration or anger, but simply of exhaustion, and you hold them closed only long enough to exhale, but not long enough for anyone to see.

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  • Learning to See

    Carrying a camera with me has become as natural as rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I wake each morning. Be it my phone or one of my various cameras, I’ve become methodical in my documentation of moments; these hours or minutes—or seconds, even—that I know belong forever. I tell myself, convincingly and facetiously, “What joy it will be to look back one day, upon my youth and innocence, and recall with such import the sights I’ve seen and the places I’ve been.”

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  • The Epicenter of Change

    We’d been waiting a while by this point. Some of us had been here for hours, others anticipating this day for weeks or months. In my place among hundreds of rows and columns of chairs, I became fully aware of the gravity this moment held for me. To the chorus of applause drawn by the man on stage, I fumbled with my phone, frantically trying to capture this instant in time to one day show my daughter — “Look, sweetie, your dad was there.”

    I also felt conflicted, acutely mindful of the absurdity which underpinned my feelings of awe. This was a tech conference, and in spite of needing to win a lottery just to have a chance at buying a ticket, it’s a conference that in recent years easily draws a sellout crowd from around the world. We’d awoken early, lined up for hours, and were eventually herded into a large, dark room. Here we’d be shown technology that would baffle, inspire and empower software engineers for the coming 52 weeks. I was there thanks to my gracious employer, as part of my job. For most in the room, this was “work”.

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