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The Epicenter of Change

in Apple, Design

We’d been waiting a while by this point. Some of us had been here for hours, others anticipating this day for weeks or months. In my place among hundreds of…

Lastronaut: A Love Letter

in Design, Game Dev

Why I’m Giving Away the Game I Spent Two Years Making This post is about the launch of my first game, Lastronaut. It was posted on Medium on launch-day. It is…

Rapid Prototyping with Gulp, Framer.js and Sketch: Part One

in Design, Hack, Mozilla

When I save my Sketch file, my Framer.js prototype updates and reloads instantly. Rationale The process of design is often thought of as being entirely generative–people who design things study…

A Return to Mobile

in Design, Mozilla

It’s now been 19 months since I joined Mozilla, and I still have “write Joining Mozilla blog post” in my To-Do list. Though it’s probably a bit late for that…