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A Return to Mobile

in Design, Mozilla

It’s now been 19 months since I joined Mozilla, and I still have “write Joining Mozilla blog post” in my To-Do list. Though it’s probably a bit late for that…

Side Tabs: Prototyping An Unexpected Productivity Hack

in Design, Hack, Mozilla

A few months ago, I came across an interesting Github repo authored by my (highly esteemed!) colleague Vlad Vukicevic called VerticalTabs. This is a Firefox add-on which moves your tabs,…

Designing Tools

in Design, Mozilla

I was hired at Mozilla 7 months ago. While my primary role is as a Senior Design Engineer on the Firefox Desktop team, I’ve since spent a considerable amount of…

Hacking the Kinect

in Hack

As our Product and Design teams at Polar barrel towards the MediaEverywhere launch we took some time to step back from our immediate roadmap needs and look into the not-so-distant…